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September Newsletter

Chair’s Column: Kate Daniels

At our August Meeting, we asked: “Why are you a Democrat?” We had a very good discussion about what it means to each of us and why we are members of the Adams County Democratic Party. We would like to hear from you. Take a video of yourself, write us a note (, or give me a call (217-440-7608), and tell us why you are a Democrat.

August has been busy. I worked in the Illinois Democratic Party tent at the State Fair and met Comptroller Susana Mendoza. She talked about how as of August 18 h the oldest State Voucher was 3 days old! We were buried in vouchers under the previous governor, some more than 9 months old. Now, Illinois is caught up and we are getting our credit rating back! Comptroller Mendoza has tons of energy and is knowledgeable about the State’s finances. She is ready to work for us again!

The Adams County Democrats sponsored and attended the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association (IDCCA) Brunch. The night before the brunch, we were able to hear Anna Valencia and Senator Tammy Duckworth speak and joined the collar counties at their reception. The brunch was held outside due to covid mitigations and the weather was HOT. We heard from IDCCA President Kristina Zahorik, Comptroller Susana Mendoza, Treasurer Mike Frerichs, Senator Dick Durbin, and Senator John Ossoff. We also heard from the 4 candidates running for Secretary of State: Anna Valencia, Alexi Giannoulias, Pat Dowell, and David Moore. The most memorable part of the trip was talking to a Gold Star Mother who lost her son in Afghanistan. The pain of losing her son was still evident. She talked about how when her son was returned to her in the dignified transfer, he did not have a flag on the transfer box. She worked to make sure that every transfer box carrying a soldier had a flag on it. I saw that when the dignified transfer took place bringing the 13 soldiers killed most recently in Afghanistan and I will always remember her and her son.

I also attended the Trades and Labor’s Labor Day picnic at the Machinists Lodge. Lots of people, good food, bingo, and raffles! The 1st Man-UP event was held at Bob Mays Park. It is a men’s health fair put on by the Cathedral of Worship’s Rev. Warren and Quincy Medical Group. It was well-attended!

As we look forward to the next election cycle, we need to get out there, talk to voters, register voters, and generate some excitement for the elections in 2022!

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 6 p.m. at the American Legion Post 37.

Kate Daniels

The Annual Adams County Democrats Golf Outing was held on Friday August 27th at Westview Golf Course with 40 golfers participating. Prizes were given for longest drive and closest to the pin along with random drawings for 15 other prizes ranging from free rounds of golf, dozens of golf balls, Cardinal baseball hats, and numerous gift certificates to Quincy area businesses. Golfers and guests also enjoyed a ribeye lunch, beverages and good conversation throughout the day.

Nora Baldner

Why I Became A Democrat

I became a Democrat early in life when I saw it was the only political party that worried about and sought fairness in opportunity for folks who want to work toward success. I first saw this at Gov Adlai Stevenson’s annual picnic. Even as a small boy, I noticed the Governor welcomed regular working guys and generally ignored bigwigs. I had some friends who worked for a major park district, run by Republicans. When it rained, even though they had driven miles to work and showed up, those guys didn't get paid. Democrats took over the district. Their first order of business was “Show Up” pay for the employees on rain days. No union, no picketing, just fairness for the working man. Back when we had multimember districts for state Rep, a friend of mine, Polish family, got married. The reception was at an outdoor venue. The whole community was invited. The Democrat Rep showed up with his wife and a wedding gift. He even sang a Polish song (the Rep was not Polish). He was not acquainted with the family. The GOP Rep didn’t show. There’s way more (LBJ using chips on getting a pay raise for us grunts during Vietnam, Bobby Kennedy’s Justice Department supporting the freedom riders, etc, etc.)

I’m a Democrat till the last dog dies because we are the only path to true fairness and equal opportunity. Not equal income, but equal opportunity.

Our party is not perfect. It’s just the best shot hard-working Americans have.

Tony Cameron


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Meenal Mamdani
Meenal Mamdani
09 de out. de 2021

I am so glad to see the newsletter on the website. Would it be possible to have a "Newsletters" subheading on the main screen along with other headings? It took me a while to find the newsletters and I persisted only because Arianna had told me they were there. Other readers may not be so persistent.

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