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Moving Adams County Forward

The Adams County Democratic Party Supports:

Expanded Job Opportunities

Fair Wages

Worker's Right to Organize

A Clean Environment

Energy Independence

Fair Trade Policies for Agriculture Products

Affordable Access to Healthcare

Safe Neighborhoods

High-quality Public Schools

Equal Rights & Equal Justice

Our mission is to elect Democratic candidates to public office at the Federal, State and local levels to make this happen.

From the Mississippi River to Siloam Springs, let's turn Adams County Blue!

Why I'm a Democrat

Read the Reasons Why Adams County Residents are Democrats.

Why am I a Democrat? by Rick Vogel


Because the Democrats are simply on the correct side of the issues that matter most. Democrats acknowledge that times change and adaptations to that change are required.

Democrats are on the correct side of social change. Democrat’s platforms and agendas are not stone monoliths to an antique past but an acknowledgment of the evolution of culture and society. A culture and a society that embraces rights for groups that have been minimized in the past. A group that acknowledges that equality is for all people and not just for those groups approved of by the elite.


Democrats are not dependent on the illusion of trickle down economics but realize a fair tax code can fund the government, fund infrastructure and still allow every American to live out their best self.

Democrats realize environment and healthcare should not be political tools but two elements of our world, which through logical, well thought out regulation, can be optimized to provide for our future.

Democrats realize Social Security can be saved through common sense reform that requires that through common sense taxes, our richest Americans assure an adequate retirement for people that aren’t incredibly rich.

Democrats realize education is a tool for all people that should not be politicized. Education helps each student understand the greatness of America and how that greatness has been formed by acknowledging the mistakes of our past. A proper education  acknowledges that  future change can fix the mistakes of today.


I am a Democrat with the hope the party can evolve in its messaging.  I hope the party will realize that America will not ultimately just realize that the party’s platform and thoughts are the best.  It is my hope the party will realize that its messages must be actively promoted, argued and presented to the public.  Presented as a contrast to conservatism, a contrast to a status quo and an opportunity for America to be its best self.


I want to be and will remain a Democrat.  Because of what it is and what it can be.

Why I Am a Democrat

Make a Difference


Whether it’s money or time, your generous contribution to the Adams County Democratic Party will help provide the resources needed to elect candidates up and down the ballot that share our values. Your support can make the difference in what will be a fierce election contest. 

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